North Raleigh popcorn ceiling removal is one of Osborne Painting’s most requested services. Although many homes in North Raleigh are newer than in the surrounding area, quite a few were still installed with popcorn ceilings, as they were a popular design choice in the 70s and 80s. While they were considered quite modern and and impressive then, they have fallen out of architectural favor and have become something of an eyesore in the modern day. In addition, many of the older installations were done with asbestos, which poses its own unique set of problems for anyone looking to remove their popcorn ceiling in North Raleigh. In our line of painting work, we have encountered popcorn ceilings on numerous occasions, and we have become experts at removing them safely and cleanly from your home.

Benefits of North Raleigh Popcorn Ceiling Removal

While there are videos on YouTube about DIY popcorn ceiling removal, at Osborne Painting we recommend that you at least get an expert opinion before moving forward. We have two main reasons why we say this: Cost and Safety. Although it might seem cheaper on the surface to do your North Raleigh popcorn ceiling removal yourself, Osborne Painting has decades of experience making sure that interior projects do not damage or stain any other parts of your home’s interior. If these stains occur during an amateur popcorn ceiling removal, you will need to undertake a much more expensive interior painting project instead of the much cheaper removal. Safety is a concern because of the use of asbestos in older popcorn ceilings. In the 70s, asbestos was banned by the government, but existing stockpiles were allowed to be used into the 80s. Calling us will allow us to check your project for:

  • Safety – If your home was built in the 1970s or 1980s, or if it had a popcorn ceiling installed during those decades, your home might have asbestos in the construction. Asbestos was initially used in construction because of its fire-retardant properties, but was later proven to be detrimental to human health. The fibers of asbestos can cause long-term lung damage if they’re scraped incorrectly, both to the craftsman and to the occupants of the house. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to scrape without a test first. Osborne Painting can test for asbestos, and if it’s detected, we can advise you on your options.
  • An Increase in Home Value – As the years have rolled on, popcorn ceilings in North Raleigh have fallen out of architectural favor. Now they are viewed as a somewhat outdated choice unless the homeowner is using them for their acoustic properties. If you are interested in selling your house, removing your popcorn ceilings beforehand can reap significant dividends.
  • Modernity – North Raleigh popcorn ceilings are still popular for musically-inclined homeowners as they offer good acoustics. This is a relatively niche market, however, and most homeowners tend to look for a more modern style in their North Raleigh homes. This means removing popcorn ceilings and putting on either orange-peel paint or flat paint, both of which Osborne Painting can do after your popcorn ceiling has been removed.

After removal of the popcorn, we prepare the ceiling to best receive the new paint that will go there. As an experienced interior painter in North Raleigh, Osborne Painting can also do the subsequent painting, giving your room a whole new look!

Contact us for your North Raleigh Popcorn Ceiling Removal project

If you have a popcorn ceiling and want it removed, it is safer to have the experts do it than it is to do it yourself. Osborne Painting has been removing popcorn ceilings from peoples’ houses for years and has an established procedure that will leave your room ready for painting and remodeling. If you are interested in Popcorn Ceiling removal in North Raleigh, contact one of our experts today or call (919)-878-6611!

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