Whether you want to transform a room or refresh your whole home, interior painting is one of the most effective ways to do it. Because your room color plays such an important role in the look and feel of your home, don’t leave it up to chance! You want an interior painting contractor in Raleigh who you can trust to get the job done right.

Osborne Painting has over two decades of professional interior house painting experience, and no matter if it’s a single room or your whole home, we will bring the care, efficiency, and attention to detail that will leave you completely satisfied with the work when it’s completed.  That’s The Osborne Difference, and we stand by it!

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Our Interior House Painting Process

Most people think painting a room is as simple as picking out a color at the hardware store, grabbing a gallon and some rollers and a few hours later, you have a whole new look. 
The reality of DIY interior painting is that to do it right, it takes a lot of time-consuming, exhausting work. This includes taping off trim, using drop cloths, scraping or sanding old paint, priming… Not only is it time consuming and exhausting, to get the crisp, clean professional look you want requires professional interior painting service. 

Protecting Your Belongings

When you hire Osborne Painting for your home, we do everything we can to protect your home and belongings. We will safely move the furniture to a secure area to prevent damage and lay down drop cloths to protect your flooring. 

Painting Preparation

Because we are a full-service home interior contractor in Raleigh, we can ensure your space is fully ready to be painted by repairing damage rather than just covering it up. We will thoroughly spackle or caulk small holes or dents and we can fix more serious damage with our drywall and wall plaster repair services. 
Once flaws are repaired, we want to ensure long-lasting adhesion and a smooth, beautiful finish. We sand all the surfaces and clean them, then thoroughly vacuum to remove any dust. 

Interior Painting

After the preparation work is complete, our experienced interior painting contractors apply your new paint with care and precision using only the best quality equipment and materials. We want your surfaces to look crisp and smooth, meaning you won’t see drips, streaks, brush marks, or other flaws in the finish.

After the walls, trim, and ceiling are complete, we will clean up any mess and move the furniture back to your room. All there’s left for you to do is enjoy the look of your refreshed space and relax!

Our Interior Painting Services 

While most people think of drywall when it comes to painting, we can work on almost any interior surface. Our experienced team knows how to get the best results on almost any materials in your Raleigh home, including: 

Interior Brick

From fireplaces to feature walls, we can breathe new life into your interior brick. Our team will analyze the condition and health of the brick to determine the best course of action to paint it, then use a variety of tools to ensure a thorough finish. 

Cinder Block Walls

Commercial spaces, apartments, and schools often rely on cinder block walls. Adding color to them can turn an institutional space into a warm environment. We know how to apply paint to cinder block so it adheres well and lasts for years!

Painting Interior Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring is used in a variety of different instances throughout commercial businesses as well as residential homes.  By adding some paint to your concrete flooring you can help add a layer of protection to it as well as drastically change the look of the floor.  

Wood Stairs

A new look in interior painting is to paint wooden stairs and wooden flooring. This is often a much easier option to sanding and refinishing old or damaged hardwood stairs and can give your home an interesting new look. 

Why Paint Your Home’s Interior? 

If you’re not sure if hiring a professional interior painting contractor is right for you, consider the benefits of a freshly painted home: 

Better Home Maintenance

Most of today’s paints prevent moisture and therefore prevent mold and mildew on your walls. It can also prevent deterioration in the walls, especially preventing costly wall plaster repair. 

High Return on Investment

Painting your walls is a dramatic way to transform a space and is one of the most affordable renovations you can make. It can also add value and appeal to your home if you are considering selling it. 

Improve the Aesthetic  

If you feel your home is dark or you want your home to feel more inviting, painting your walls is an amazing opportunity to change the feel of your room. Light colors can make a space feel airy and open, while darker colors can create a cozy feel. 

Why Choose Us for Interior Painting in Raleigh

If you’re ready to paint, but you’re still on the fence about whether you should do it yourself or hire a team, let’s look at how we can make the renovation process a breeze:

Saves Time

Instead of trips to the home improvement store, preparation, and hours spent balancing on a ladder, you can keep your weekend to yourself and still get the home improvements you want! Plus, our professional team can be complete in a fraction of the time. 

Getting the Job Done Right

Most DIY painting projects only involve doing the job halfway – painting over an existing color, not taping off the trim, etc. That means the end result is not as clean or attractive as you hoped. At Osborne Painting, we refuse to skip steps, from prep to clean up so the end result is exactly what you envisioned!

High-Quality Paint and Materials

If we’re taking the care to do the job right, we want to make sure the materials we use will hold up. High-quality paint offers better coverage, is easier to maintain, and holds up better over time. 

Zero Stress

By hiring a trusted team of licensed and insured professionals, you can feel confident that the job will be done right. We follow all the safety guidelines and professional standards and do everything we can to protect your home and belongings during the process. 


Most people do their DIY painting thinking it will save them money, but after purchasing paint, supplies, and the cost of your time, you’re not really saving much, if anything! 

Comprehensive Experience

 We don’t just paint walls! If you really want to update your space, there’s no need to hire a separate furniture painter or a concrete specialist. Let us know exactly what you’d like done, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. 

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Interior Painting FAQ’s

What Painting Tools Are Used For Interior Painting?

Our interior painting professionals use the latest tools and equipment to provide your home with a great-looking paint job.  It’s our responsibility to provide our clients with an even paint job but to also provide them with peace of mind that their home is in good hands.  If safety featured such as paint-catching tarps or soft-touch ladders aren’t used then it is possible to splash paint where it isn’t expected.  Our team will make sure that paint only touches the areas it is supposed to while keeping the rest of your home safe and clean.

Does Interior Paint Get Darker As It Dries?

Depending on the style of interior paint used as well as the color of the paint it is possible for paint to get darker as it dries.  Interior paint such as paints with a chalky finish are known to absorb light at it dries which makes the appearance slightly lighter.  While paints with a gloss finish can reflect the light as it dries instead of absorbing the light which will make the paint appear darker.  It is recommend to ask our interior painting professionals the questions you may have about the interior painting process.

How Are Interior Painting Jobs Priced?

The price of different interior painting jobs will vary depending on the materials used, the size of the painting surface, and the man hours required to complete to project.  If you are looking to have an estimate to paint a room in your home or a large section of your home then contact us to speak with our painting professionals.

How Long Does It Take Professionals To Paint A Room?

It can be difficult to estimate the time it will take to paint an entire room as each room is different.  We will often take a look at the size of the room, the size of crew we need, as well as any preparation work required for the job before we give time estimates.  A small 10′ x 10′ bedroom will take much less time to paint compared to an entire open living room.  We specialize in preparing the room for the paint in order to provide a great looking paint job but also to protect the furniture and rest of the home from damage or paint splatter.

Can I Just Paint Over Old Paint?

It is possible to paint over an old coat of paint with a new color but this can also lead to trouble down the road.  Depending on the type of original paint as well as its color can make it difficult to repaint over.  We recommend reaching out to our team who can make recommendations on what the best course of action will be as well as why we recommend you let professionals handle the job.  It is easy to make mistakes when painting over old paint which is why it is important to have a professional complete the job.  It can be beneficial to use a coat of primer before adding the new paint as this will help block out the original paint and leave a good backing for the new paint to stick.

How Often Should You Repaint Your Home’s Interior?

It is important to keep a good eye on the health of your home’s interior painting.  Depending on the the type of paint used as well as the how well the project was handled will impact how often you must repaint your home.  It is recommended to reach out to our painting professionals in order to inspect the health of your interior painting.  It is recommended to repaint your interior every 5 – 7 years.

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