For over 30 years, Osborne Painting has proudly served the Triangle area, providing high-quality exterior painting services to homes and businesses, improving curb appeal and increasing the building’s value while also preventing damage. Whether your home is looking a bit lackluster and dated or you have severe areas of painting and chipping paint, our experienced team of North Raleigh painters can restore your home to it’s original beauty! 

North Raleigh Exterior Painting

North Raleigh Exterior House PaintingYour home’s paint does more than provide cosmetic value – a good-quality paint will also prevent structural damage to your home by preventing and blocking insects, UV exposure, and moisture. This is especially important in North Carolina, where we see extreme temperatures, severe thunderstorms, high humidity, and harsh sun, all of these things that are brutal to a home’s exterior.  Exterior painting lasts, on average of 5 to 10 years, though it depends on if the paint was applied correctly, the quality of paint used, and the elements your home is exposed to. It’s important to inspect your home regularly to check the condition of your home and taking action before you see damage like cracked siding, mold, or wood rot. 

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Choosing DIY or a North Raleigh Painting Company

North Raleigh Exterior Home PaintingIf you notice your home is ready for a fresh coat, you may be debating doing the task yourself or hiring a painting company in North Raleigh. Before heading to the home improvement store, you should know that painting your home is a time-intensive task requiring a lot more preparation and care than most people realize. After all, not taking those key preparation steps mean that within months, the paint could start chipping and peeling, and you’re right back where you started, only out a lot of money and having wasted a lot of time! Instead of spending hours on a ladder, reaching and bending, you could be relaxing! Hiring a trusted, experienced team of exterior painters in North Raleigh means we will do the hard work while you can enjoy the results!

Our North Raleigh Painters Do the Job Right

At Osborne Painting, we want you to feel confident in your home, knowing that it will look lovely for years to come. That’s why we have a comprehensive process in place to get the best possible results for your unique home. 

Preparation Is Key

Every home painting process begins by our team doing a thorough inspection of your home to determine what steps are necessary prior to painting. Some homes may require wood repairs or restoration work before starting, while others may simply need basic preparation.  Once we discuss your options with you and develop a plan, our painting company in North Raleigh follows the following steps: 

  • Carefully covering any delicate landscaping and outdoor furnishings and structures to avoid damage
  • Removing all window screens, gutter downspouts, and shutters in order to thoroughly pressure wash your home and clear away any dirt, debris, or mildew.
  • A complete surface preparation, including scraping and sanding away any peeling or chipping paint
  • Priming any bare wood or other surfaces using a high-quality exterior primer.
  • Sealing any cracks with an exterior-grade caulk to prevent future problems.

Dependable Exterior Painting

House Painters in North RaleighOnce the prep work is complete, we break out our brushes and get to work! While some painters in North Raleigh to a majority of the work with rollers or sprayers to get it done fast and use low-quality paint to cut costs, we refuse to cut corners.  Instead, we recommend using durable exterior paint that resists stains, mold, and mildew and holds up to even extreme weather. Also, we almost entirely use brushes to paint your home because is not only more precise and neat looking, it presses the paint into the surface. This creates a better seal and provides better protection for your home.

A Revitalized Home

After we complete all the painting, we’ll clean up, removing drop-cloths, and putting everything back the way you want it. We don’t consider the job complete unless you’re 100 percent satisfied. But once you are, all that’s left on your side is to stand back and appreciate the restored appearance of your home’s exterior!

The Osborne Difference at Our North Raleigh Painting Company

Exterior House Painting Services North RaleighWe stand by “The Osborne Difference” and our promise of “Quality Work, One Step at a Time.” We have an experienced team of painters in North Raleigh who are dedicated to providing quality workmanship and reliable, friendly service, meaning we never skip steps, and we don’t take shortcuts. Anthony “Tony” Osborne, owner of Osborne Painting, is often at the jobsite himself, ensuring the work is meeting our high standards.  We believe in providing work that stands up for years, that not only adds beauty and value to your home, but also adds to the life of your home!

Exterior House Painting FAQ’s

How do you estimate the price of an exterior home painting project? 

North Raleigh Exterior House PaintingOsborne Painting takes pride in thorough project preparation to prevent setbacks and additional costs that may arise. Our team of expert exterior painters will visit the property to examine the house or building itself. Upon arrival, we will evaluate several determining factors of the project including: 

  • Any repairs or job prepping that needs to take place before beginning the exterior painting project. 
  • Landscaping objects that need to be moved or covered in order to prevent paint damage.  

The next step is providing an estimate for painting and carpentry work so you can see the two services separately itemized. Osborne Painting offers free, zero-obligation estimates. In addition, our flexible schedule allows us to accommodate with our customers’ schedules.

How long does exterior paint last?

Exterior paint is expected to last 5-10 years, however the lifespan depends on several factors. The main factor that can dictate the lifespan is weather conditions. In North Carolina, excessive sunlight is a known issue, as well as some heavy thunderstorms that are common during our summers.  

What’s the difference between interior and exterior paint?

Resin is the primary difference between interior and exterior paint. Resin is what binds the pigment to the surface.  When it comes to exterior paint, it is incredibly important the paint will be able to survive temperature changes and moisture. In addition, the paint needs to be tougher and able to resist chipping, peeling, and fading from exposure to sunlight.

How should I select the exterior paint colors for my home?

Exterior House Painting Color ChoicesWhen selecting the exterior paint colors for your home, there are a few things to consider. 

Budget accordingly and rather than looking for a bargain, plan to spend a little more money on the exterior paint for your home. The quality and color selected for the exterior paint of your home can dictate the durability as well as aesthetics.  Investing in high-quality exterior home paint is a smart choice to better prevent stains and reduce weather damage which can lead to less upkeep of the exterior of your home. 

It’s also important to take into consideration the permanent materials as they relate to the exterior of your home. For example, if your home has existing brick or stone foundation, you will want to work with the underlying tones when selecting your paint shade.  

When selecting exterior paint colors for your home, it is important to take into account the trim. If you’re looking for an elegant effect for your home and want to try something different than the typical white, use an exterior color just a few shades lighter.

The experts at Osborne Painting are more than happy to help during the consideration process to determine the best paint for the exterior of your home. With our years of experience we/re confident we can help  with the decision process from both a practical and aesthetic perspective!


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