For over two decades, as a Raleigh Exterior Painting Contractor, Osborne Painting has been a leader in home exterior painting, restoration, and renovation services. Our experienced and proficient exterior painting contractors love what they do, and it shows. From exterior house painting to fence refinishing, you’ll love your home’s new look!

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Prepping a House for Exterior Painting

Power washing is the first step in preparing a home for exterior painting. Power washing helps eliminate dirt trapped in hard-to-reach areas that are unable to be painted over. Painting over un-groomed areas will likely result in future peeling, bubbling, and cracking which will require more work in the future. In fact, the exterior walls of the home may need to be repainted in order to be uniform with the rest of the project. 

After power washing, surface preparation is a key step in properly preparing a home for exterior painting. Scraping, caulking, and priming surfaces are crucial when preparing to paint over wood exteriors. Scraping is done to remove old, flaking paint from the home. Caulk is not only important for extending the life of a new paint job but it will protect and insulate the home. Primer acts as the coating of a paint job by sealing the underlying surface so that other materials do not penetrate or soak the underlying material.  

Before beginning any exterior home paint job, we make sure to protect your landscape from damage and paint drips. Covering bushes, plants, decks, lawns, sidewalks, and any other landscaping can prevent damage from falling debris and paint spills. We make sure to tie up any bushes or plants that can potentially rub against the fresh paint. Using tarps to catch debris provides an efficient way to catch paint chips and debris after the scraping process. Once the job is complete, we make sure to clean the job site thoroughly. 

Exterior Painting Services in Raleigh

Nothing makes a home look like new faster than a coat of paint! When it comes to exterior painting, make Osborne Painting your number one choice.

Osborne Painting offers complete exterior house painting and residential services for Raleigh and the surrounding areas. We take a great deal of pride in providing an all-inclusive approach to your home’s exterior painting project. We don’t skip steps at the beginning of the job because we know that doing so will negatively impact the end result. You want a top-quality paint job and so do we.

Here are some of the services we provide as part of our total service packages:

Exterior Painting

exterior painters raleighWe take a comprehensive approach to residential painting by making sure the surface is clean, repaired, and caulked properly so the paint adheres and the end result is of the highest quality. We take steps that other contractors may skip. Our painting services start with a thorough cleaning and don’t have to end with painting! Add other services like gutter cleaning or replacement, wood repair, and deck refinishing to completely revamp your home!

Pressure Washing

We take the time to pressure wash your home before beginning the painting. The paint job will suffer if your home’s surface isn’t cleaned thoroughly. We remove all window screens, downspouts and rain gutters, as well as shutters in order to remove all dirt and mildew. By washing your house once a year, you can prolong the life of your paint job and save money in the long run.

Carpentry Repair

We find a lot of wood rot in the Raleigh area due to the humid climate. When there is rotten wood, it needs to be repaired prior to the first paint brushstroke. If you put off wood rot repair, you will have even larger repairs later! At Osborne Painting, we inspect the surface of the entire home to identify areas that may need repair. If we find anything such as rot and gapping on the exterior, we communicate it to the homeowner.

Fence Painting

Many times, just pressure washing a fence doesn’t do the job fully. At Osborne, we can sand and strip the area, then apply a new coat and finish to keep your deck or fence in great condition for the long haul.

Deck Refinishing

There are many ways to revitalize your deck, and we can do it all–pressure washing, carpentry work, staining, and painting.

Exterior Brick Painting

Brick is a commonly used construction material in North Carolina homes. We can breathe new life into the exterior of your home by thoroughly cleaning the brick and giving it a high-quality coat of paint if needed.

Gutter Replacement

Rain gutters are critical to the function of your home as they keep rainwater from building up near the foundation of your house. Our crew can clean, replace your gutters, or install gutter guards to keep water away from your foundation and protect basement and crawl space areas.

Types of Exterior House Surfaces able to be Painted

Osborne Painting has experience painting a variety of house surfaces. The quality of our work doesn’t depend on the surface of your home. You always get the same high-quality job when you work with us. Here are some of the house surfaces we paint:

  • Raleigh NC exterior house paintersHardy plank
  • Masonite
  • Mirartec exterior trim
  • PVC vinyl siding
  • Wood
  • Brick


Leveraging Only the Best Painting Products and Tools

Raleigh North Carolona Exterior PaintersAt Osborne Painting, we know that the results depend on the quality of products and tools used for the job, so we only use the best. We use high-quality brushes to paint the exterior of a house. Your paint is more resilient and the home’s exterior is more resistant to moisture when using a brush. Whatever we are doing–staining a deck, repairing wood, building a fence, or painting–we will use the highest quality of paint, stain, and tools needed to get the job done.

Paint – We only use the highest quality paint for our jobs. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are the paint brands we use, and both are highly rated by professional painters across the world. 

Tools – All of our exterior home painting jobs are done with high quality brushes. Using brushes is the preferred method of painting because it forces paint into the surface, which ensures the surfaces are completely sealed. In addition, the paint is more resilient and the exterior of the home is more resistant to moisture when a brush is used. There are some surfaces, like brick, that may require a roller in order to achieve an even and thorough application.

Exterior Painting Projects

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Exterior House Painting FAQ’s

How do you estimate the price of an exterior home painting project? 

Raleigh NC Painted HomeThorough project preparation to prevent setbacks and additional costs that may arise is key when preparing for an exterior home painting project. The Osborne Painting exterior painters will visit the project site itself to examine the scope of the project. Some of the determining factors our team evaluates upon arrival include: 

  • Repairs and job site preparations that need to take place before starting the exterior painting project. 
  • Any objects or landscaping materials that should be moved or covered in to prevent paint damage.  

We then provide an estimate for painting, along with an estimate for carpentry work. This way you will be able see the two services separately itemized. We offer free, zero-obligation estimates. Our flexible schedule allows us to accommodate with our customers’ schedules.

How long does exterior paint last?

The estimated lifespan on exterior paint is around 5-10 years, however this is contingent on several factors. Weather conditions is the main factor to consider when estimating the lifespan of exterior paint. Excessive sunlight is a known issue in North Carolina, as well as some heavy thunderstorms that occur during our summers.  

What is the difference between interior and exterior paint?

The main difference between interior and exterior paint is resin. Resin gives the paint excellent adhesion together with high resistance to chemicals, and physical resistance necessary. It is incredibly important the paint will be able to survive temperature changes and moisture. Resin allows for paint to be able to resist chipping, peeling, and fading from exposure to sunlight.

What to consider when selecting the exterior paint colors for my home?

Exterior House Painting Color ChoicesThere’s a few things to consider when selecting the exterior paint colors for your home. 

It’s important to budget accordingly and instead of looking for the cheapest deal, plan to spend a little more. In addition to some other factors, the quality and color selected for the exterior paint of your home are correlated with the durability of the paint as well as aesthetics.  Investing in high-quality exterior home paint can help reduce stains and weather damage, which can result in less upkeep of the exterior of your home. 

It’s also important to take into consideration the permanent materials used to build the foundation of your home. If your home was built with brick or stone foundation, you’ll want to work with the underlying tones when choosing your paint shade.  

It’s also important to consider the trim when selecting paint colors for the exterior of your home.. If you desire an elegant effect for your home and want to steer away from the typical white, you can use an exterior color just a few shades lighter.

If the decision process is too overwhelming for you, our expert team is more than happy to help during the consideration process to determine the best paint for the exterior of your home. With so many exterior home painting projects under our belt, we’re confident we can help you with the decision process from both a practical and aesthetic perspective!


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