You have decided to give some rooms in your home a makeover, and you’re tired of DIY painting – the taping, spreading drop cloths, long hours on a step ladder – it’s a hassle you just don’t have time for. So, you’re taking the plunge to hire a professional interior or exterior painting contractor. Before you hire someone to do the job, we’re outlining why you should always select a painting company that is licensed and insured. 

What Does It Mean to Be a Licensed Painter in North Carolina?

Licensed and Insured Painting contractor in RaleighIn North Carolina, it’s legally necessary to have a general contractor license in order to bid on jobs costing over $30,000 and to hire employees. To receive a general contractor’s license, the painter has to fill out an application, register their business with the Secretary of State, pass an exam, and provide a surety bond which guarantees that all contracts and business dealings will be completed according to mutual terms. 

Having a license is required for the company to be insured, which is another necessity to look for in a painting company.

What Kind of Insurance Should a Painting Company Have?

There are two main types of insurance to look for when hiring a painting company:

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects the homeowner against any accidental damage caused by the painting company. While it’s rare that an experienced, qualified team of painters will damage a home or business, accidents can happen, and having liability insurance will pay for that damage. It’s important to note that general liability doesn’t pay for poor quality work, which is why you still want to choose a painting contractor with a reputation for excellence

Worker’s Compensation

If someone gets injured on the job and is unable to work, workers’ compensation ensures they receive payment for any medical bills or lost wages they incur while recovering. The money is paid through the employer’s policy, and if he or she does not have worker’s compensation insurance, an injured employee will not receive benefits. Often, it is the homeowner who will end up paying the bills or lost wages.

Why It’s Important to Hire Licensed and Insured Painting Contractors

Now that you have a better understanding of what it means when you hear that a painter is or is not licensed and insured, let’s look a bit closer as to how it benefits you: 

Minimal Risk

Working with an uninsured painter means there isn’t a contract, and that can leave you in the lurch if the work isn’t completed to your satisfaction (or at all!). We’ve all heard horror stories about contractors taking money and not doing the work or doing a terrible job, and the homeowners are left to pick up the pieces.

Licensed contractors are bound to comply with quality standards and have a contract. The work will be done in accordance with the contract, and if it’s not, you have options. If a licensed contractor does a poor job or doesn’t finish the work specified, you can contact the licensing board or even consider small claims court. You may not have the same protections with an unlicensed painter.  

Protect Your Home and Finances

Hiring an insured company means that if something goes wrong, you aren’t liable. Not only will they not have insurance to pay for damages, but most homeowner’s policies require work is completed by licensed contractors. If you hire an uninsured painter, and they damage your property, you have to pay out of pocket. Similarly, if a worker is injured, and there is no worker’s compensation coverage, you may be held liable for compensation. 

Licensing Shows Professionalism

Taking the time to go through the licensing process shows dedication to their business and professionalism. Not only does a contractor have to show competence and knowledge to receive their contractor’s license, it also means they offer more ethical practices. Licensing brings transparency with it, so it’s easier to locate their business and get information on their credentials and background. 

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