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The siding on your house is very important both to the integrity of the physical structure as well as to the aesthetic of your home. It’s safe to say that the siding is the most important exterior feature of the house. It delivers the curb appeal and exhibits the style of your property. But, equally important is that the siding is in good shape and protects your house from damage.

Siding needs to be maintained regularly and eventually needs to be replaced. As siding ages, it can break and crack. In so doing, it can affect your house by introducing leaks that become costly the longer they exist. Replacing the siding on your house may not be at the top of your list of home improvements, but it is something you should not ignore.


It can be somewhat difficult to know when you need to replace your home’s siding as opposed to having it cleaned. You should regularly inspect the siding for its condition. Some sidings have a few different characteristics, but there are typical signs that you can use in determining the right course of action. Osborne Painting’s contractors are experts in diagnosing issues and working with siding whether it needs a deep cleaning or replacing. Call us if you are unsure of the action you should take.

In this article, we’ll outline 7 indications that you may need to replace the siding on your house.

#1: Damaged Boards

Physical damage to the siding can indicate that it needs to be replaced. The damage can be limited to specific spaces or be widespread. Such damage may be caused by termites or wood rot. More than likely, the siding in the area of the damage will need to be replaced.

#2: Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by fungi that start below the siding’s surface and eat the siding until only the outside layer exists. So, in effect, the siding can look OK but be rotten on the inside. You can find dry rot by tapping on the siding with the rubber handle of a tool. Siding pieces that are decayed need to be replaced immediately because the dry rot can spread and require replacing the siding on the entire house.

#3: Warped Siding

Periodically you should visually inspect all areas of your home’s siding. When you see warped siding boards, use something like a screwdriver to poke under the siding. This will indicate whether or not the underlayer is solid. If it feels soft, it may be rotting and, therefore, you will need to replace it.

#4: Cracking, Fading, or Peeling

Cracking, fading, or peeling are indications of aging. Most often, the siding is damaged from harsh sunlight and cold cycles after years of exposure. Months of winter cold are hard on siding over time because of the cycles of frost and thawing. Additionally, if paint doesn’t adhere to the siding, then the surface is damaged and it is time to replace the boards.

#5: Water or Moisture Damage

Water and moisture damage are certain indications that you need new siding. Some siding will warp and/or swell from water damage, while steel siding exhibits rust from moisture damage. Water and moisture that penetrates siding will probably eventually show up inside the house for further damage that could be costly.

#6: Damage Inside the House

It is possible to see moisture damage inside your house but not any outside. If you have moisture damage or mold growing inside your walls, you may have issues with the siding. You may also see indications inside like loose wallpaper or peeling paint that are a result of siding problems. Issues with the siding can allow moisture to seep underneath the outer layer and invade the sheetrock and wallboard of your home.

#7: Energy Bill Increases

If you have holes or gaps in your home’s siding, or if the insulation is wet and broken down from leaks in the siding, you can experience higher energy bills. First, check the roof and attic. If those are in good shape, then inspect your siding. If the siding is old and you have low-grade wall insulation, this can lead to excessive heating and cooling costs. Check the siding seams to be sure they aren’t letting hot or cool air out of your house.

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