house painter painting shuttersGetting Raleigh exterior home painting your home can be a large time commitment and is not something that you often think about. Ignoring your exterior home painting quality, however, can be one of the most expensive oversights you can make in regard to your home’s exterior appearance. Our expert exterior painting contractors at Osborne Painting in Raleigh, NC recommend that you plan or schedule someone to paint the outside of your home every five to seven years. This might seem uncommonly frequent, but the perks of maintaining quality paint work are numerous and can include many benefits.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Raleigh Exterior Home Painting:

  • Increase the value of your home:

    Getting your home’s exterior painted every five to seven years can boost your the value of your Raleigh home –– a plus if you’re thinking about selling your property soon.

  • Extend the life of your trim and siding:

    Raleigh exterior painting does more than just make your home look great. The Osborne Painting Difference means that when we paint your house, we use exterior home painting strategies that seal the exterior of your house. What this means is that the exterior paint seals your trim and siding, reducing the chances of rot and moisture around your home.

  • Inexpensive alternative to remodeling:

    While many people will not have the budget to undergo a significant home remodeling project, getting exterior painting in Raleigh can refresh your home and give it a completely different look without the high expenses of remodeling.

  • Conceal exterior damage or stains:

    Stubborn stains like rust may not be easily removed, but they can be covered with help from the exterior home painting contractors at Osborne Painting.

If you believe that you may need to freshen up your exterior paint, check your current paint for signs of cracking, fading or oxidation, which is when a white substance appears on top of the paint. If you see any of those signs, contact the experts at Osborne Painting. If you delay too long, your home’s exterior may get damaged by the weather. In the long run, getting exterior home painting in Raleigh will be cheaper than betting that you won’t have to repair your home’s exterior.

Experienced Raleigh Exterior Painting Contractors at Osborne Painting

With more than 25 years of experience in the exterior home painting industry, Osborne Painting is a quality painting company that takes as much care of your property as we would our own. We provide drop cloths when necessary, and will check your home for signs of damage before applying new coats of paint. We will also sand down any existing peeling paint on the trim and siding, and apply an exterior primer to extend the life of your new exterior paint.
Call Osborne Painting’s contractors today at (919)-878-6611 to request a free quote and schedule your next Raleigh exterior painting project today.