kitchen cabinets in Raleigh NC areaIt’s that time of year again when the home decorative industry picks its favorite new colors for the new year! Generally speaking, colors change slightly each year and then, after time, 10 years or so, they look completely different. Color trends affect everything from home cabinets and walls to fashion. This year for our article, we wanted to focus on cabinets–kitchen and bathroom–to see the colors you may find when you go shopping for new ones. But, you don’t have to buy new when a fresh coat of paint will do the trick! With cabinets, paint and new hardware give your old ones new life. See our team of professionals at Osborne Painting for painting that will change your old, outdated cabinets.

Last Year 2020

First, let’s review the color of the year in 2020. The Pantone pick for 2020 was “Classic Blue.” This color was described as creating a stable foundation on which to build, “a dependable blue” that could take many different directions by expressing both tradition and elegance. We found many cabinets using this blue as it morphed into grays, both dark and light hues. Sherwin Williams echoed the choice with their “Naval” blue that is a deeper hue. Benjamin Moore came in with “First Light” that is a creamy blush tone that was/is an alternative to white or beige. Overall, the 2020 palettes included buttery tans, cream and ivory, grass and moss greens, blues, grays, plum, navy, green-toned and gray-toned blues. 

This Year 2021

OK, so that was 2020. Now, what has changed in 2021? Overall, we are seeing a wide range of colors for cabinets in kitchens and baths. The trend of using the entire color palette that has been gaining traction the past few years will continue in 2021. For kitchens, mixing one color for cabinets and another for food islands continues to be popular. And, everything can be coordinated with white for a crisp, clean look. However, a totally white kitchen seems to be waning as a trend. 2021 will see a softer, warmer palette like classic cream replacing pure white. This color fits any style, from traditional to contemporary. It’s warm and relaxing and can be used with almost any color, from mint green to dark brown.

By the way, we thought you would be interested in knowing that Pantone has named two colors as the trend for the new year–“Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating.” They call the Illuminating an “optimistic” hue of yellow. Our guess is that we need something that leans toward an optimistic feeling, after 2020.

Blues and Greens with Hints of Gray

Our research is showing kitchen color trends for 2021 that include greens, blues, gray. We found that even colors you may think sound crazy but really work like red, orange, and yellow are going to be popular in 2021.

The cabinet color that seems to be new for 2021 has shades of blue-green with a bit of gray mixed in. By adding a bit of gray in the paint, you get an even more classic feel with the blues and greens. But, you can have a traditional and classic look with colors like bluish-green, sage green, olive green, and hunter green. With a blue palette, the darker and deeper colors like navy and indigo portray the traditional and classic, but with the use of color.

Brighter Colors 

When you go with lighter and brighter hues, you create a more contemporary look, even if it hearkens back to the mid-20th century period of the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Colors such as mint green, apple green, turquoise, pastel blue, and pink are trending with homes that are decorated in a contemporary style.

Black and Brown

For those who really like a dramatic effect, black and brown are popular in 2021. And, combining white with these colors is a trend that creates a look with major impact. For example, you could paint the cabinets black, leaving the backsplash and accessories white for an elegant look. For the use of brown, you can really warm up the space with a rich chocolate or cocoa. These are sophisticated colors that are relaxing and look great with stainless steel appliances.

Color Palettes 

Let’s focus for a minute on color palettes, and the colors that can be used in them. Though 2021 is a year where many different colors are used, the majority of decor will focus more on the cool color palettes simply because these tend to be more traditional and classic. Still, the warm color palette has its draw with folks who love those sunny colors.

Warm Color Palette

The side of the color wheel that is comprised of reds, yellows, oranges, and yellow-greens are warm colors. A warm color palette might include combining colors like burgundy with orange, gray, and light wood. This is great for a small, contemporary space. It creates a cozy atmosphere, but can also be elegant.

Cool Color Palette

The cool colors are blue, green, and light purple. Cool colors remind us of water and sky and are soothing. This color palette is especially popular for homes located in warm areas because it gives the kitchen a freshness. For example, using green (either light or dark) cabinets accompanied with a white or cream looks beautiful.

Dark Color Palette

Using a palette that incorporates darker colors like brown and red for accent pieces such as a bar or food island creates a warm farmhouse look. You can still have cream as the primary color for the cabinets. This works!

Styles for 2021

Anything goes for styles in 2021, just like in the past. If you are a rustic person, you can still use the raw natural wood with a dash of color in cream, blue-gray, or green. If you like a contemporary look, go with bright colors and combine them. Maybe you are strictly a classic and traditional person. This style is probably the most popular of all. Many classic looks can be achieved with all the colors trending for 2021!

Have fun and be creative this year with color! Make 2021 the year of great color options!

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