There are always signs you can see to tell you that it is time to paint the exterior of your house. If you haven’t really looked at your house with a discriminating eye in a while, it’s probably a good idea to do so. Do you see a nicely painted exterior that shows no signs of age or do you see a house that is showing less than perfect paint? Osborne Painting has expertise in exterior house painting and can help advise you if you’re considering repainting. Let’s look at six signs that tell you it’s time to paint the exterior of your house.
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Sign #1: Paint Shows Signs of Wear

Some of the main signs that your paint is wearing and needs to be repainted are bubbling, flaking, and cracking. Year after year of blazing sunshine, humidity, and icy winters can cause the paint to flake and crack. Bubbling can also indicate that you may have wet rot, dry rot, or mold underneath the paint. Before painting, be sure to replace any damaged materials because paint won’t adhere to rotted wood.

Sign #2: Faded and Discolored Paint

When you see faded and discolored paint, you may find more than just an aging issue. Sun bleaching can cause the paint to fade but so can water intrusion. Paint fades over time in the sunlight and can be difficult to notice because it happens slowly. Dark paint colors will fade quicker than lighter colors. However, if you see uneven fading, contact a professional who can check your home for water damage.

Sign #3: Cracked and Shrinking Caulk

Caulking usually doesn’t last as long as a paint job. If you see caulk between trim pieces, near the edges of siding, and other areas starting to crack or crumble, it is time to re-caulk and repaint the exterior of the house. This will avoid any potential water damage to the siding and will better protect the exterior from further damage.

Sign #4: You’re Putting the House on the Market

The curb appeal is never more important than when your house goes on the market. Potential buyers will make split-second opinions about your house the moment they pull into the driveway. If the paint job is old or poorly done, it reflects badly on the entire home. New paint can make your home look modern, clean, and inviting.

Sign #5: New Construction

You may not think that you need to repaint when the house is new. Most contractors use pre-primed wood for construction and then apply one coat of paint over the wood when they are building new construction. Ask your builder how many layers of paint were applied at the time of construction. If it was only one or two coats, it isn’t protecting very well because most contractors use cheaper builder’s paint instead of high-quality paint. If you have a new construction home and don’t know how the initial painting process was done, consider painting within five years of construction to ensure there is a solid layer of protection before there is time for a lot of damage to occur.

Sign #6: It’s Been Five to Seven Years Painters painting exterior of house near Raleigh NC

If it’s been five to seven years since the exterior of the house was painted, it’s time to repaint. The average life of an exterior paint job is about that long. Some paint products last up to 10 years or more, in milder climates so the paint may not be as susceptible to damage from the elements. Paint lasts different lengths of time in different climates. For instance, in the Midwest wood needs to be painted every three to seven years, while in the drier Southwest climate, wood may be able to go seven to 10 years before re-painting.

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