Is it a good idea to remove your trim like baseboards and crown moulding to paint? In this article we will go over some reasons why you should or shouldn’t remove your trim for painting.

Generally it is not a great idea to remove your trim for painting unless you are planning to replace them entirely. When attempting to remove your trim, you may cause damage to the trim or walls that may be difficult to cover up.

Can You Remove Trim to Replace it?

You can remove your trim and replace it with brand new trim. This is a great way to give your worn out trim a new look and it can give your room a great new look.

Removing your trim to replace makes the painting process much easier as you can paint your trim before installing it. This eliminates the need to remove and re-install your trim, which can be quite a hassle.

Painting without Removing Trim

It is possible to paint without removing trim. This involves carefully covering up all areas around the trim using tape, drop cloths and plastic sheeting. You’ll also need to use a brush or roller with a narrow enough head to fit into those small spaces.

It may take a bit longer, but it is possible to get a nice result without removing trim. You just have to be extra careful when painting around edges and corners.

How to Paint Your Walls and Trim Without Removing Them

When Professional painters start painting a room, the general rule of thumb is to paint from top to bottom. This means that if you’re having an entire room painted, they will paint the ceiling first followed by the crown moulding, the walls, then the baseboards.

If you’re painting yourself, a great way to make sure that you are being clean with your paint job is to use painters tape to prevent the wrong color paint from getting on the wrong surface. If you’re just painting your baseboards, you can put a line of painters tape on the wall just above the baseboard. This will allow you to paint over the tape and remove it later for a clean and straight line.

How to Remove Your Trim?

If you would rather remove your trim and replace it with new trim, you will have to get out your tools to do so. The old trim is nailed into your wall or floors using small finish nails. the baseboards will need to be pried off your walls using something like a crow bar. It can be very tricky to remove your baseboards without damaging them because you don’t want to damage your walls in the process. While it is possible to remove your trim, having a professional repaint it may be a safer option.

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