If you already know that you want to get the exterior of your house painted at some point in the coming months, it’s best not to wait very long to schedule it. Go ahead and get with your painter like Osborne Painting. They know the best time to paint in terms of outside temperatures, weather, and other important factors in order for you to get the very best paint job possible. In this article, we wanted to give you information about factors that can affect painting and when to schedule it.

We know it’s the middle of winter right now and you may not want to think about painting just yet, but we encourage you to go ahead and look at your calendar and that of your professional painter. Come April and May, the painter’s schedule will more than likely be booked solid. This is something to consider.

Painting in the Winter Months

Most paint professionals prefer to get the exterior painting done in the warmer months because the weather conditions are more conducive for getting effective results. Paint reacts differently to cold temperatures compared to how it performs in warm temperatures. However, in a mild winter season, there are ample opportunities to get the job done well. Experienced painters know which supplies are the right ones and can use the appropriate techniques for a great paint job in specific weather conditions. Here are some factors to consider if you schedule your exterior painting in the winter.


House in the winter with blue exterior paint

Determine If It’s Too Cold to Paint

Most paint brands warn users not to paint in temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to advancements in paint materials, now you can find acrylic latex paints that can be applied to the exterior of your home down to 35 degrees. Professional painters will look for the appropriate paint and for days that have consistent temperatures in order to get an even application.

Allow for Sufficient Drying Time

If you are painting during the winter months, the painting project needs plenty of time to allow each coat to dry. Again, the weather forecast is important for the job to turn out well. Usually, the first coat needs to dry for up to a day before the second coat is applied. Even though you may have scheduled with plenty of time in advance if the weather doesn’t cooperate the painter may suggest holding off until the conditions improve.

Be Aware of Surface Temperatures

Not only does the temperature in the air affect a paint job, so does the temperature of the surface being painted. The air temperature might be 50 degrees F, but the surface being painted is only 40 degrees F. This means that essentially you are painting in 40 degrees. Professional painters typically use infrared thermometers that show exactly what the temperature of the surface is so they don’t have to guess.

Painting in the Spring Months

Depending on the climate where you live, the spring may or may not offer the best days for painting. In North Carolina, we can experience early spring rain for days because “April showers bring May flowers.” And, the nights can still have very cool temperatures in March and April. This is not the best time for painting. Usually, when May arrives, the coast is all clear. Siding needs to be dry for the best application of the paint. The main problem then is getting on a painter’s schedule. This is the time when their calendars are jammed. It’s best not to wait until the last minute or you will be looking at having to schedule the job much later and then the temperature may be getting too hot.

painted home color in spring


Consistent Weather Conditions

When the weather becomes more consistent in terms of precipitation and temperatures aren’t moving up and down as much from night to day, the paint job will be of a higher quality. Your professional painter knows how to assess the conditions that will be best.

How Pollen Affects the Paint Job

In Central and Eastern N.C., tree and flower pollen looks like paint itself during the month of April. It is extremely thick, prolific, and continues for several weeks. If your house is being painted during this time of pollen invasion, you may wonder if the paint will be affected. Pollen has no effect on paint that is already there. However, the dust of pollen may become trapped underneath the new coat of exterior paint, just as if you were to paint over a dirty surface.  A quality painter prevents this problem by using these standard practices:

  • Preparing the site 
  • Cleaning surfaces
  • Using high-quality paints and tools

So, you don’t need to worry if you have the painting project scheduled for April.

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