If you see cracked or peeling paint, fading or oxidation, you have waited too long for an exterior paint job on your Raleigh, NC home. Cracked, faded or peeling paint can be prevented on your home’s exterior by painting the outside on average every five to seven years. In addition to increasing your home’s curb appeal, one or two coats of paint will maintain the integrity of your house, and extend the life of all of the trim and siding on your home.

If you arrange to have your home’s exterior redone before the existing paint cracks, your home will require less prep work, thus lowering costs to you, the homeowner.

Refresh Your Raleigh Home with an Exterior Painting Project

If your last exterior home painting job was years ago, let the expert Raleigh painting contractors at Osborne Painting can help. With more than 25 years of experience in the exterior painting business, we can turn any painting project into a masterpiece. Our skilled technicians will first remove all window screens, downspouts and shutters to ensure that all surfaces will get prepped and painted. We will then pressure wash your Raleigh home to remove any existing mildew or dirt that has accumulated.

Osborne Painting’s contracting team will then inspect your home for damaged trim and siding. If we find any, we will alert you, the homeowner, and discuss the procedures needed, repairing accordingly. Finally, we will scrape off any peeling paint, sand all scraped areas, apply an exterior primer and caulk your entire house so it remains moisture-free.

If you need to schedule an exterior home painting project, or if you’re noticing tell-tale signs like paint oxidation or cracked paint on your Raleigh home, don’t stress yourself out. Contact the best exterior painting contractors in Raleigh by calling (919) 878-6611. Our customer service representatives would be happy to schedule a consultation, offer a free quote, or address any additional questions you may have. Still not convinced? Check out our customer testimonials page to see what Osborne Painting was able to provide for previous clients.