Many new homeowners who have decided to take on DIY projects in their home often decide to paint their interior walls, ceiling, and trim. A big question that is asked when remodeling the interior of the home is whether it is better to paint or replace trim.Home Painting in Raleigh

There are pros and cons to both painting and replacing trim and which you choose will depend on the result you are looking for. It is better to paint your existing trim if you’re trying to save money, but it can be better to replace your trim if you want it to look as new as possible.

Is It Worth it to Repaint Trim?

If your deciding that you want to repaint any part of your home, you have probably wondered if it is worth it to repaint your trim. There are a few advantages to repainting your trim rather than replacing it.

The main advantage of repainting your trim is that you will save money giving your interior a fresh look. If you’re repainting your trim, you will only have to spend money on the paint and supplies. If you decide to replace your trim, you will have to buy all of your new trim as well as the paint and supplies.

Many homeowners decide to repaint their trim rather than replacing it to save some money. Although there may be some imperfections with repainting trim yourself, the cash saved can be a big reason for a homeowner to repaint themselves.

Is it Easier to Paint or Replace Trim?

Although repainting old trim may be cheaper than replacing it, many people wonder which is easier to do. It takes a lot of time and effort to replace trim so painting would seem like the simpler option.

Painting your trim requires more of a detailed approach than replacing it does. You will need to make sure that you properly prep the trim before applying paint to avoid making a mess and getting paint on surfaces other than your trim.

It can be time consuming to properly prep your trim for painting but if you are up for the challenge, it can be a more cost effective way to spruce up your home. On the other hand, replacing trim requires some carpentry skills and experience which may make it more difficult for a homeowner without this experience. However, if you do decide to replace your trim, you can paint your new trim before installing it to make the job easier.

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In conclusion, both painting and replacing trim can give your home a refreshed look but it is important to evaluate which option will be better for you based on cost, time, and desired results. Depending on your preferences either option could be perfect for giving your home an updated look.

How Much Does it Cost To Replace Trim?

Depending on the material that you use for your trim and where you buy it, you will usually spend anywhere from $1-$3 per linear foot for trim, although there are some exceptions.

There are different types of material that you can use for baseboards and crown moulding. Polystyrene is a material that is a little cheaper than wood and can be bought for around $1 per linear foot. If you buy your trim in bulk, you can get a better deal in most cases.

If you would like to use wood for your trim, it can cost closer to $2-3 per foot. Wood is a popular choice for trim because of its durability and sturdiness.

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