As any native Raleigh resident can tell you, it gets rather humid here, especially in the summer! While you might be able to deal with feeling as though you’re swimming while walking around town, the same cannot be said of your Raleigh exterior painting project. Painting in high-humidity environments is a tricky process, and your local exterior painting expert can help you make sure nothing goes wrong.

There are certain conditions that need to be met to make sure that your exterior painting project in Raleigh goes swimmingly in the weather. These conditions and procedures are a humidity level below 85%, working with the weather, and working with a professional to make sure that you get all the aspects right.

Too Humid for Exterior Painting?

In Raleigh, the humidity can average as high as 85%, depending on the time of day. This is the absolute upper limit for even an expert Raleigh exterior painting company, much less a DIY project. The reason that humidity affects your exterior paintwork is that it takes the paint longer to dry. A damp surface means that the paint may never dry, or might dry unevenly. In ideal circumstances, you would allow the surface time to dry completely, but in a humid environment like Raleigh, you may never get the chance. Very rarely will there be perfect conditions for exterior painting in Raleigh. Therefore, it is best to contact the experts to make sure that your paint job is not ruined by the damp outside.

Paint with the Sun!

One of the easiest ways to alleviate the problems caused by humidity for exterior painting projects is to correctly time your project and move with the sun. Ideally, you start the project before the day’s peak temperature so that the humidity will be lower when it comes time for drying. In addition, you can time which side of your house to paint to minimize dampness and the chance of damaged paint.

Although this issue is not nearly as common in Raleigh, it is also possible for it to be too hot to paint. Osborne Painting uses hand brushes as part of the Osborne Exterior Painting Difference, but any other company or individual using air sprayers might actually find the paint semi-dried in the air! While this is one of the many reasons we use hand application in our Raleigh exterior painting projects, the temperature can also cause paints to bubble, damaging smooth application. Problems like these are why it is best to hire a professional exterior painter in Raleigh.

Hire a Professional Raleigh Exterior Painter

Due to the various challenges involved in painting a house in a humid environment such as Raleigh, it is often a much safer bet to hire a professional than it is to try to do it yourself. In addition to saving yourself time, you also have the peace of mind that comes with the Osborne Painting Difference. Professionals are also exposed to difficulties such as humidity on an almost daily basis, so they are better positioned to let you know the best way to go about painting your property and keeping it beautiful for years to come. If you would like to contact a professional for your Raleigh exterior painting project, call 919-878-6611 or fill out the form below.