If you’re hiring an interior painting contractor to paint the inside of your home (which is always the best idea), you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for the crew coming in. This means taking the time to prep your home. The more you can prepare, the quicker the crew can get to work and complete the project. That means you can enjoy your home’s new look quicker as well.

Prepping your home for a fresh coat of paint isn’t difficult if you know what to do. At Osborne Painting, we like to help our clients in every step of their interior painting project which is why we have these 10 tips to get you going in the right direction.

10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for an Interior Painting Contractor 


1. Move and Cover Furniture

Don’t leave furniture in the room that will make it difficult for your painting crew to get around and work. Plan on removing coffee tables, lamps, or any other light furniture. It may not be practical to move large items like couches or beds, so you’ll want to move them away from the walls and cover them. Putting them together in the center of the room is usually the best idea.

2. Remove Wall Hangings

Any professional interior painting contractor will want you to remove wall hangings before they arrive. This includes pictures, clocks, mirrors, and anything else you may have hanging in your home. It’s best to store these in a closet or other safe area that is free from any spaces that will be near paint. You wouldn’t want the paint to accidentally get on them because you did not store them properly.

3. Prep and Clean Walls

Just because your walls are getting a fresh coat of paint doesn’t mean you still don’t have to clean them. Cleaning your walls before they are painted can get rid of the dust, dirt, and stains that can build up on your walls over time. You may not be able to see the dust, but the paint will stick to it and other substances and cause them to remain on the wall permanently. Use water, detergent, and a sponge to wipe away any debris or stains. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

4. Remove Linens, Fabrics, and Rugs

Take down any curtains and roll up any rugs in your house before your interior painting contractor arrives. This will save time when they arrive. Securing any carpets with a burlap strap can help to keep them in place until you’re ready to roll them out again. 

5. Remove Cabinet and Closet Items

If your painting job requires painting any cabinets or closets, you’ll want to empty them before your crew arrives. You don’t want anything inside to break or get damaged during the painting process. Keeping all of these items in a safe place away from any paint is the best idea.

6. Remove Wall Plates

Look around the rooms you’re going to have painted and remove any wall plates before your interior painting contractor arrives. While you can choose to paint around these items, removing them is the best idea to avoid getting unprofessional lines and a ragged look. You’ll also want to remove any vents and return covers for the same reason.

7. Clear Away Knick-Knacks

As you’re focusing on all of the big things that need to be taken care of, you may forget the small stuff like clearing away knick-knacks. Small items may get accidentally knocked off a shelf so it’s best to remove them completely. You can put them out again once the paint has dried.

8. Protect Appliances and Electronics

If your painting is being done in rooms where there are appliances and electronics, you’ll want to protect them as best you can. Anything mounted on the wall should be removed and all cords should be safely stored away.

When it comes to large appliances that can’t be removed, cover them with a sheet or drop cloth. This will ensure that any paint splatter or drip from the ceiling doesn’t accidentally get on them.

9. Clear Clutter and Pathways

Before your interior painting contractor arrives, you’ll want to clear any clutter and make sure all pathways are accessible throughout your home. This will make it easier for your painter to get around your home quickly and easily.

10. Prepare to Leave

During the painting process, you’re going to be restricted inside your home. Plan to vacate the area for a while so that the painting job can get done and dry completely. This will also give time for some of the paint fumes to dissipate. You don’t want to be inside your home when the paint fumes are at their strongest. Be sure that pets are not inside the home either during the painting and drying process. You don’t want them to inhale paint fumes either.

Besides taking these steps to prep for your interior painting contractor, you can also talk to them beforehand to see if there is anything specific you should be doing for them. Some contractors may have certain requests. Your contractor will appreciate you taking this step.

Also, ask your contractor what prep they will do for you. Many will cover certain areas of your home before they get started. Having open lines of communication can assure that everyone is on the same page from start to finish.

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