How Do I Know It’s Time to Change Out My Gutters?

gutter replacement and repair raleighOsborne Painting is a full-service contractor, meaning we would love to handle your Raleigh gutter repair project! As a critical and important part of your beloved home, rain gutters stop rainwater from congregating and building up around your home’s foundation. By ensuring your home’s gutters are constantly in properly-working order, you can likely avoid compromising your home’s structural integrity and your safety. 

As experienced Raleigh gutter repair and replacement experts, we have seen our fair share of poorly-maintained gutters. If you have a hunch that your home’s gutters need to be repaired or replaced, or if you’re curious of the tell-tale signs that warrant repair and replacement, you’re in luck! Osborne Painting has you covered.

Weakened Landscaping 

Landscaping can be used as a tool to enrich your home’s overall look and feel. If your gutters are malfunctioning due to old age or poor maintenance, your precious landscaping will likely need to be maintained and updated more than usual. If this is the case, it is recommended that you look into an update. 

Flaking and Peeling Exterior Paint

Gutters are intended and designed to fit closely and snugly near your home’s roof. Typically, when gutters begin to malfunction, they begin to separate, resulting in excessive amounts of rainfall and other debris inundating the siding and trim of your home that the gutters were protecting. If this is occurring, it is likely time for a Raleigh gutter replacement project.   

Pooling of Water and Congregation of Dirt

gutter replacement and repair raleighNorth Carolina definitely gets its fair share of rain, despite having a generally warm climate. This said, pooling water inside your home’s gutters needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid any structural or aesthetic damages to your home or landscaping. 

Excessive Holes, Rusted Areas, and Cracks

Gutters, like other exterior materials of your home, are likely to become damaged at times. A small handful of damaged areas can typically be resolved by using some sealant, but, as time goes on, the chances of those damaged areas warranting gutter repair and replacement become greater and greater. 

Damaged Fasteners

Fasters are important when it comes to ensuring your home’s gutters are kept level and properly functioning at all times. Without them, your home’s gutters would be unstable, inefficient, and, well, ineffective. These fasteners can be replaced in small numbers very easily, but if they continue to become damaged after repair, there’s a great chance that the gutters themselves are the issue. 

Materials on the Ground 

If the nails or screws that tighten and fasten the gutter to the fascia become loose in low numbers, no big deal. However, if these components become loose and fall to the ground regularly, it may be time to for gutter replacement. 

Flooding of Basements

Flooded basements are almost always costly, inconvenient, and offputting. If your gutters are regularly pouring water near your home’s foundation, there is a high likelihood that your basement is, in turn, susceptible to that poured water. 


Gutters are conjoined together, sealing themselves together. This results in a continuous channel that enables them to work properly and effectively. If separation begins to occur, chances are it is time for an upgrade. Also, in regards to gutter separation, it is recommended that you remain cognoscenti of increasing space in between gutters and your home’s roofline. Rotting fascia boards and improper initial installation are common causes of this inconvenience. 

Which Types of Gutters are Best?

It depends. The experts of Osborne Painting have worked with numerous types of gutters including but not limited to:

  • K-Style: These feature flat bottoms and backs. The front side of them typically consists of some interesting looking design, print, or crown molding
  • Half-Round: These feature a half-round tube design just like their name suggests. They’re simple yet effective, which is why many homeowners opt to go this route. 

What is the Best Material to Use for Gutters? 

gutter replacement and repair raleighThere are a variety of materials used for gutters including but not limited to steel, copper, zinc, vinyl, and aluminum. The most common material would be aluminum, as it is easiest to install, will not rust, and is offered in numerous colors that can be quickly and efficiently painted.

Copper is another favorite amongst homeowners because it will not rust and it doesn’t need to be painted due to its already-beautiful color. On the flip side, copper is one of the more expensive options and must be welded at the seams as opposed to just other gutter materials. 

Steel is strong and can easily be painted, but has its setbacks including the risk of rusting (which would warrant more maintenance compared to other options) and excessive weight. Vinyl is cheap and inexpensive, but has been known to crack in severely cold weather conditions, has very limited color options, and will not support a ladder rested up against it. Lastly, zinc is durable, long lasting, and does not need to be painted (as it develops a patina over time), but is very costly and must be welded at each seam by a professional, making it even more expensive. 

What Happens if You Don’t Have Gutters on Your House? 

Your home’s roof can easily become damaged if you don’t have gutters; several issues can arise such as water working its way underneath your roof’s shingles, water running down your home non-stop, and puddles of water forming and remaining at the foundation of your home. All of these scenarios are very serious and, over time, are likely to warrant costly and inconvenient repairs that can be avoided. 

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Therefore, there are numerous ways to determine if you are in need of a Raleigh gutter repair or replacement project. When you choose Osborne Painting in RaleighCaryDurham, and surrounding areas, we guarantee you’ll receive the best service possible — we like to refer to it as “The Osborne Painting Difference”. If you would like to learn more, call us at (919) 878-6611 or fill out the form below.

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