If you’re tired of looking at your garage floor and seeing dirt, dust, grime, and oil stains, then why not consider painting it? Painting the garage floor is a great way to make your garage cleaner and more attractive! It doesn’t take long for the garage floor to become a huge mess with dirty stuff touching it all the time. Fluids from cars, mud from car tires, and the dirt that comes into the garage from outside create an ugly dirty, messy floor. Not only will you be happier with a painted garage floor, but it can also be a huge upgrade to your home and positively affect the resale value!

Inside of garage with sports equipment and tools

Are You Thinking of Painting Your Garage Floor?

Painting is an inexpensive way to improve the look; however, the task of painting the floor is not difficult per se, but it can be fairly labor-intensive. First, the floor needs a thorough cleaning and all cracks need to be repaired with concrete filler. Then, the floor needs to be prepared with a primer before painting. Be attentive to use primer and paint that is designed specifically for covering floors. Typically, the best paint for a garage floor is an epoxy-based one. If you are lacking the time and aren’t a “home project DIY” kind of person, we suggest calling in a professional paint company that can take care of everything for you!

Top 5 Reasons to Paint Your Garage Floor

To inspire you to get this project off the ground, we are giving you five reasons for why you should have your garage floor painted.

Reason #1: Reduce micro-particles and dust in the garage

The majority of the dust that accumulates on everything in the garage–cars, tools, storage items–comes from the actual concrete that is the floor. Concrete creates dust because it slowly breaks down into microscopic dust particles when you walk or drive on it. Even when you raise and lower the garage door, which moves air around, the dust settles on whatever is in your garage. When you paint the floor, it prevents all this dust creation and you get a cleaner garage.

Reason #2: The floor is easy to keep clean

No more sweeping and choking on the dust. After you paint your garage floor, all you need is a dust mop! The floor is going to be cleaner with a paint covering anyway, so just taking a dust mop to it will keep it clean. We aren’t kidding!

Reason #3: Reduces dirt and grime from entering home

Because the concrete garage floor is a dust manufacturer, it stands to reason that walking on it and then into the house brings the dust inside. By painting the floor, you won’t have the dust from the concrete. And, because the floor is so easy to keep clean, you’ll have much less dirt coming into your home.

painted garage floor with epoxy

Reason #4: Good floor protection

By using an epoxy-based paint, the concrete is not only covered but also resistant to oil stains, water, mold, mildew, and chemicals. Oil and tougher spills can be cleaned up with a sponge and detergent or cleaning agent. Additionally, a painted garage floor is much more durable against impacts, chemicals, and surface abrasions. The spot-filled, banged up garage floor you used to have will be a thing of the past! 

Reason #5: It looks great!

Your garage will look brighter because the epoxy paint is reflective to the light. As opposed to concrete, which absorbs light, the painted surface will reflect the light. This makes the garage appear more spacious even if you have the same amount of stuff in it. (We recommend taking the opportunity to clear out some clutter when you have the floor painted.) A painted garage floor changes the look of a garage entirely. Now, you can use it as an extension to the home, not just as a place for storage. You will be proud of the space instead of embarrassed. And, don’t forget the added benefit of adding to the resale value of your home!

Call Osborne Painting for Your Garage Floor Painting

Osborne Painting can give your garage a professional painting that will last a long time. During their history of performing beautiful, long-lasting paint jobs in the Triangle area, they have taken care to provide the high-quality service that their customers expect and appreciate. Contact Osborne Painting at 919-878-6611 for consultation and assistance when looking at the best for your next paint job!