If you’re looking into exterior painting services, spring is a perfect time! You’re spring cleaning the interior of your home, so why not give the outside a new look?

If you’re ready to give your house a new look, here are some of the most popular exterior paint colors for 2019! (And check out our post on interior paint colors to give the interior of your home a new look!)

Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home in 2019

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Greige, a mix of gray and beige, has been a popular color for a few years and it’s not going anywhere in 2019. Part of its lasting popularity is the fact that it’s a perfect neutral color so it looks great alongside accents like brick, stone, or wood. Since greige comes in cool and warm shades, you can pair it with nearly any accent color and it’ll look beautiful.

greige house paint


Another classic exterior paint color that will continue to be big in 2019. Many credit the farmhouse trend for keeping white and off-white popular, and that may be the case, but a lot of homeowners love how versatile an off-white home is. Off-white matches basically any trim or accent color, giving you a lot of freedom in decorating the exterior of your home.

off white paint


This is a classic color for home exteriors, and for good reason: it looks great with a wide variety of trim colors or textures. Whether you choose light gray, like the swatch below, or a dramatic darker gray, you really can’t go wrong!

light gray house paint

Light Blue

While not a neutral, light blue is a popular exterior paint color right now! It looks very fresh, tranquil, and cheerful. Light blue pairs well with accents like stone, wood, and brick, and looks great with other shades of blue, turquoise, peach, and white.

light blue house paint

Exterior Paint Colors To Avoid in 2019

If you want your home to look fresh, steer clear of these colors. They’ll instantly make your home look dated.


This dark shade is dramatic, moody, and was extremely trendy 4-5 years ago. It’s ok as an accent color but painting your entire home charcoal in 2019 isn’t advised. In addition, dark colors absorb 70%-90% of the sun’s energy, which can make your home hotter. Don’t make your AC work harder in these hot Raleigh summers!

charcoal house paint


Dark Brown

This is another color that was very trendy a few years ago but makes your home look outdated now. Like charcoal, it can work as an accent color but it isn’t on-trend for 2019.

dark brown house paint

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