Painting Tips

Interior Painting and Design Trends for 2023

interior painting

If an interior painting job is on your to-do list for the upcoming year, you’re going to want to know what interior painting and design trends are hot. You can really change the look and feel of any room in your house with a fresh coat of paint. Plus, a fresh coat of paint can […]

Best Ways to Store Paint

leftover paint being stored properly

Best Ways to Store Leftover Paint It is a common thing to have paint leftover from a project. Having some remaining paint can come in handy down the road to touch up scratches and scuffs or for other projects where you can use the paint. Paint is expensive, so you don’t want to throw money […]

The Difference Between Matte, Satin, and Gloss Paint Finishes

gloss vs matte vs satin paint

How To Decide Between Matte, Satin, and Gloss Paint Finishes When painting the interior rooms of your home, once you have made a decision on the colors, you will need to decide which finishes you want–matte, satin, or gloss. The room color has an important role in the look and feel of your home, so […]

What Exterior Paint Sheen Should You Use?

When painting the exterior of your house, you will be faced with many decisions regarding color, type of paint, and sheen. Just like with interior paint, exterior paint comes in a number of different sheens. The type of sheen should be looked at along with the paint color and brand. All three of these are […]

Five Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Exterior Painting

scraping a house before exterior painting

If you are planning on painting the exterior of your house, you realize it is a very important project. The curb appeal of your house shows you take pride in your home. Painting the exterior requires a lot of time and work, so it needs to be done right. Making mistakes can be costly in […]