At Osborne Painting, we understand that hiring a Raleigh painting contractor is not an easy task. There are numerous companies to choose from, many of which have extensive portfolios, an abundance of reviews, and teams full of friendly and helpful employees. We offer the fairest prices, are committed to quality, and have continuously gone above and beyond to ensure the customer is put first. When it comes to cleaning, preparing, sanding, caulking, priming, or painting, no corners are cut. Take a look at our client testimonials to see for yourself just how satisfied homeowners in Raleigh and surrounding areas are with the quality workmanship and customer service they’ve received from us.

Tip 1: Do your research

Choosing a Painting Company

By doing the appropriate research, you’re able to develop a better idea of the company’s past work and successes, as well as additional services they offer that may be of use to you such as deck refinishing, gutter replacement, and power washing. Ask how long the company has been in business, how experienced the team is as a whole, and the start-to-finish timeframe your project is expected to take. It is also worth touching on any liability-related details. For many exterior painting projects, employees utilize ladders to temporarily remove gutters, to prep a home or building’s exterior, and to paint the exterior of a home of course. With this being said, it is imperative for the company’s employees to be fully insured. If a prospective company does not have fully-insured employees consider this a red flag, as you can likely be deemed liable if an accident were to occur. 

Along with that, analyze their digital footprint. If a painting company has several 5-star reviews from happy customers, consider that a green light. On the other hand, if a painter has several negative reviews or no reviews at all, consider that a red flag and a pressing issue. Good painting companies should also be able to provide several before-and-after portfolio pictures and a list of references who have experience stellar service first-hand. 

Tip 2: Touch on warranties and guarantees

Lastly, touch on any guarantees or warranties that the company may offer.  Warranties and guarantees are tools credible painters use as a way of ensuring their customers feel secure and are reassured that the outcome of their project will be not only acceptable but will impress the customer and leave them more than satisfied and coming back for other related projects in the future.

Tip 3: Ask how much of your assistance they’ll need

Be sure to ask the prospective company if there is any prep work you can do to make the job easier for them (likely resulting in less overall expenses). Typically, experienced professional painters and contractors will not ask you to extensively prepare for them to begin your project. They may ask you to remove any landscaping that may interfere with an exterior painting project or ensure your furniture and other household items are safe from paint dripping and splatter for an interior painting project. They should not ask you to help them take down gutters or help them clean up when the project is finished. 

Tip 4: Ensure the start-to-finish cost is clear and well-defined 

If you feel as though the prospective company is not being clear and upfront about their costs, mention that to them. Trustworthy and credible companies and contractors will be upfront and clear about their pricing and anything that may increase the start-to-finish cost. There should never be any hidden and unexpected fees to the cost of your job. This said, professional painting companies typically offer written contracts highlighting the important aspects of the job. This is ideal for both the company and the customer, as there will likely be no communication issues as long as each party fully understands the project’s expectations, deadlines, and other intimate details. 

Tip 5: Touch on how they’d deal with lead paint

If you feel as though there could be an existence of lead paint in your home, be sure to mention that. Generally, homes that were built in the 1970’s will likely have lead paint in them somewhere. A good and experienced painting company will advise you to contact a lead professional before they start on your project to avoid health risks and setbacks. While talking about paint types, it is recommended that you request a list of materials the company uses. Ideally, you could analyze the list they’ve provided you on your own to determine if the materials mentioned are of quality or not. Substandard, run-of-the-mill paint is not recommended, as it has a much shorter lifespan when compared to high-quality products that top painters use. 

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In conclusion, there are many ways to determine if your prospective painting company is able to meet your needs or not. When you choose Osborne Painting for as your painting contractor in RaleighCaryDurham, or Chapel Hill, for any of your interior or exterior painting, refinishing or restoration needs, we guarantee you’ll receive the best service possible — we like to refer to it as “The Osborne Painting Difference”. If you would like to learn more, call us at (919) 878-6611 or fill out the form below.