If you are thinking about a new look for your home, the biggest bang for your buck is exterior house painting. The color you paint the outside of your house is a big decision because painting is a big investment, not only in money but also in the visual impact. It is a major element in the curb appeal of your home. You want your home to have beautiful curb appeal so you don’t want to make a big mistake with the color you choose. As you are making a decision on the color of paint, we thought you might like to see what the trends are this year in exterior paint colors.

Exterior House Painting in Raleigh

At Osborne Painting, we know paint! We can definitely help you narrow down color choices that work for your house. There are factors you should weigh such as the look of your neighborhood, the style of your house, your home’s materials, and the size of the house. In this article, we give you a list of considerations when choosing exterior paint colors and our top colors for 2021. 

Considerations When Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Keep these six considerations in mind when settling on your exterior paint.

Size of the House

A smaller house can take a much lighter color than a larger house. Light colors will make a small house appear bigger, while a larger home has more flexibility and can look great in light or dark colors.  A dark color on a small house will make it appear small and possibly cramped. A larger house can look stately painted a dark color. 

Roof Color

The color you select for the exterior of your house must work with the color of the roof. Some roof colors don’t impact your selection and others do. For example, if your roof is black or gray, most colors will work. But, if your roof is dark brown with orange or red undertones, you will need to pick a shade of paint that complements those tones. Blue and some greens will clash with a roof this color. Stay with a neutral main exterior color to work with this color of the roof. Other roof colors that will limit your paint colors are red, tan, green, and blue.

Amount of Sunlight on the House

Pay attention to the amount of sunlight that shines on the house because light will change the color. Daylight and sunlight will turn your exterior color to a cool, blue tone. You will need to go at least 2 to 3 times warmer to get a balanced color that doesn’t go blue-ish. You will need to paint some swatches on the house in order to really see how the light changes things. If your house is in the shade, you need to go with a cooler color. When the amount of light changes on the house during the day, just consider how much light is shining on the house for the majority of the day and select a paint accordingly.


If you have a garden with a variety of decorative plants, take this into consideration. A bright color for the house may clash with your yard during the spring and summer months.

Home’s Materials

If your home has exterior materials like decorative stone or brick, be sure to choose colors that don’t conflict with the color schemes of the stone and brick. The color you put beside these elements needs to complement them. Both brick and stone have colors that stand out and you don’t want the color of the house to fight those.

Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home in a few years, pick a color that people will like–not object to. Just because you love a color doesn’t mean that the potential buyer will. 

Trending Colors in 2021

Before getting into the colors that are on-trend in 2021, we wanted to give you another trend–making the front door stand out with a punch of color. Painting a front door red has been popular for a while but now we are seeing colors like coral, aqua, mint green, blue, teal, pink, and bright yellow trending to make the front door undeniably a focal point. Now, for the 2021 exterior paint color trends.


White has always been a classic color and remains popular. There are many shades of white, believe it or not. You will not make a mistake if you pick a classic, crisp shade of white. Instead of a black front door (which is also very classic on a white house), consider a pop of color with a shade of red or burgundy!


If you love white but want to soften it a bit, go with a cream or ivory. Trim it with white or a lighter shade of the same color tone.

off white paint


All shades of gray are trending–light, medium, and dark. The light gray exterior is a color that is very on-trend and gives a modern look to your house. Dark gray gives your home a more elevated level of sophistication. If you can go with a warm and whimsical look, gray-blue is trending as well.

light gray house paint colordark gray house paint color


You can’t get a more neutral or a more interesting palette than beige, especially when it has a gray hue (“greige”). Greige has been an on-trend exterior color for a few years and it continues in 2021. Beige has a classic look when trimmed in crisp white or cream.

greige house paintbeige house paint color


It seems like all colors that have a green base tone are trending this year. Everything from sage, mint green, and definitely gray-green are great colors for 2021. Trims in white or cream go well with most greens.

Interior Painters Raleighgreen house paint color


A variety of blues are trending in 2021. White as a trim for windows and porch columns is beautiful with any blue. A classic and timeless colonial blue works on almost all house styles. For a warm and inviting color, choose a dark blue exterior with window trim in white. If you want a blue that is light and whimsical, use a pale, pastel blue.

pale blue house paint colorcolonial blue house paint color

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