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As an exterior and interior painting company in Raleigh, we strive to keep up with the latest trends (not that we mind – we think it’s pretty interesting!) in color and design. This helps us better serve our customers as well as stay on top of industry matters. While finding out the latest trends in interior wall colors is pretty easy, and remodeling trends like kitchen cabinet trends is readily available, we find that trends in wood trim colors tends to get overlooked. 

Just because it’s not front and center doesn’t mean your trim isn’t an essential part of your space – after all, a white trim against a Classic Blue all is crisp, clean, and sophisticated, while a dark stained wood paired with the same color is warm, classic, and cozy. So, to give you some ideas about how to best set off your rooms, we’re sharing the top 2020 wood trim color trends!

Should You Stain or Paint Wood Trim?

Before we dive into paint colors for your wood trim, there is the age-old debate of whether you should paint it at all, especially in a historic home where dark wood baseboards, molding, window frames, and door frames are the standard. 

When it comes to wood trim in a historic home, while the traditional dark trim is lovely, it’s not for everyone. What some may find rich and beautiful in a space may seem dark and oppressive to someone else. So, it really comes down to personal preference. However, if you do want to update the trim in an older home, you’ll want to make sure it’s professionally repaired, sanded, and painted to ensure the best results!

Paint-Grade vs. Stain-Grade Wood Trim

Another thing to factor when it comes to your wood trim, especially if you’re in a newer home is if it is paint-grade or stain-grade. If your trim is pine, soft maple, or poplar, these less expensive trims are ideal for painting, whereas if you have oak, ash, cedar, or hickory, these woods stain beautifully and show a lovely grain, though they also look great when painted. 

White Wood Trim Is a Classic

wood trim painting When it comes to painting wood trim, white is the go-to color. While you may choose a creamier shade to go with warm tones or an icy, blue-toned white to complement cool shades, a large percentage of homeowners and decorators choose white for their accent.

With Pantone’s Color of the Year as Classic Blue, other shades that are coming into trend include classic colors like hunter green, chocolate brown, blush, and warm-toned gray. These colors all work beautifully when paired to a creamier white, like Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster or Snowbound. 

Painting Wood Trim Gray

The last half of the 2010s saw gray make a huge statement in interior design, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere as we enter 2020! Unlike the drab, trash can grays of years past, today’s gray comes in a huge spectrum of shades, from a warm-toned “greige” that sets cream-colored walls off beautifully, to a cool, icy gray that looks fantastic against saturated colors. 

Using gray on your home’s trim is often a great alternative to white trim, especially if you plan on painting your walls white. It can ground a room that may otherwise be too bright, but it can also be used in rooms with a darker wall color, such as soft “dove gray” walls with a deeper gray trim. We love Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray for a warmer gray and Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray for a sophisticated, cool tone against darker colors. 

Black Wood Trim Adds Sophistication

If you want to really make a statement without going overboard when it comes to painting your wood trim, black trim is especially gorgeous. While it’s bold, it’s also neutral, so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with other colors, and it can create a sharp frame for a space. 

If you’re painting a room white, pale gray, black can create a sophisticated, sharp accent, or in a historic home, can create an Art Deco look. It can also make blush pink or cool yellow feel more adult and modern. 

Dark Blue Embraces the Color of the Year

Not only did Pantone choose Classic Blue for their Color of the Year, but paint companies also went all-in on blue. Sherwin Williams chose Naval, Farrow & Ball included Scotch Blue in their 2020 collection, while Benjamin Moore included four different shades of blue in their 2020 palette. While you may not want to paint your entire room a deeper blue, it could be an interesting choice for your wood trim! 

Pair Naval by Sherwin Williams with a sandy brown wall color, a cool white with jade green for an accent, or even a citrus-toned yellow or lime green if you really want to shake things up!

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