2020 cabinet color trends for cabinet refinishingYour cabinets are the most noticeable element of your kitchen. Not only do they take up much of your wall space, they project outward from your walls, making them highly visible. It doesn’t matter what color your interior paint is or how stylish your decor is, if your cabinets are out of date, it makes your whole kitchen look dated. If you’re ready to update your kitchen and give your cabinets a modern look, our Raleigh painting and cabinet refinishing company is sharing the 2020 cabinet color trends. 

Outdated Kitchen Cabinet Looks

Not sure if your kitchen needs a facelift? These are some of the trends that were the height of home decor a few years ago, but are definitely showing their age:

Open Shelving

Open shelving instead of cabinets looks neat and fresh, but it’s neither practical nor functional for daily living. After a few years of realizing this, designers are shutting the door on open shelves and embracing cabinets once again!

Ornate Cabinets

Excessively ornate cabinets – ones that have complicated paints or finishes, heavy detailing, and oversized handles – are being refinished and redesigned. Shaker cabinets, solid tones, and a cleaner profile are preferred by new homeowners and designers alike.

Cherry Wood Finishes

Heavy, red-toned or burgundy-toned cabinets make a kitchen feel crowded and dark. A more natural wood, white, cream, or a neutral shade opens up the space and feels clean and airy. 

All White Kitchens

The ultra sterile, all white kitchens, like the open cabinets, were an HGTV hit that were in every remodel and flipped home. That trend carried into “real life,” inspiring homeowners across America to adopt white and gray granite, white cabinets, and white Subway tile. It’s lovely, but it doesn’t create the cozy home environment people are seeking today.

2020 Colors of the Year

Toward the end of 2019, paint and design companies release their picks for the colors of the year. These choices influence everything from home decor and paint to fashion. In fact, Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, “Living Coral” a vibrant pink-orange shade that made a splash in graphic design, marketing campaigns, furnishings, and clothes.  This year, the 2020 colors of the year include: 

  • “First Light” by Benjamin Moore – A soft, creamy blush tone that is a great alternative to white or beige without being overly pink or feminine.
  • “Naval” by Sherwin Williams – A deep, saturated blue that is both calming and classic.
  • “Back to Nature” – A muted spring green that looks modern with a crisp white or natural and classic when paired with dark woods.
  • “Classic Blue” by Pantone –  A true blue that draws out feelings of familiarity, connection, and confidence.

In addition to these specific colors, we’re seeing a palette that includes: 

  • Buttery tans
  • Cream and ivory
  • Grass and moss greens
  • Watercolor hues of blues, grays, and plum 
  • Navy, green-toned blues, and gray-toned blue
  • Blush

The colors of 2020 are meant to be soothing and warm and influenced by nature and historic homes to create a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Instead of cheery pastels and cool neutrals, muted tones are setting the stage. Gone are the rich jewel tones of 2018, replacing the luxury feel with cozy tones and the minimalist whites and icy grays are a thing of the past, replaced with cream, ivory, and warmer grays. 

Choosing Your 2020 Cabinet Colors

Now that you know what is out of date for kitchens plus the new “in” colors for 2020, how should you refinish your cabinets? Should you embrace blush-colored cabinets for your kitchen or a spring green? If you want to, definitely!  However, for your cabinets, you can embrace the warm, natural trends and colors for 2020 by choosing one of these ideas: 

Soft Gray Cabinets

Dove gray and deep mineral-gray cabinets are an excellent neutral color that work with a variety of interior paint colors and popular countertops. Both comfortable and sophisticated, picking a warmer shade of gray over the steely shades of a few years ago will make your kitchen feel more welcoming instead of industrial.  If you have a small kitchen or one without as much natural lighting, consider gray for the bottom cabinets and a lighter color for the upper cabinets!

Creamy White

Do you love the simplicity of white cabinets? Even though the minimalism of white kitchens is on its way out, refinish your cabinets with a soft creamy shade with warm undertones. You’ll still have the clean, fresh look without the starkness of bright, cold white.

Natural Wood 

Instead of the overly lacquered look of dark cherry or espresso, consider more earthy, soft browns of walnut for your cabinet refinishing project

Blue Cabinets

It may sound crazy to go with blue cabinets, but navy and indigo are popular colors for cabinetry and kitchen islands! Pairing beautifully with creamy stone countertops, these may be too deep for a whole kitchen, but deep blue cabinets on the bottom paired with white or soft gray uppers could be the rich punch of color that will transform your kitchen!  

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