Kick off 2018 with a fresh coat of paint for your home’s exterior! If it’s been over seven years since your home was painted, or if you plan to sell your home in 2018, contact the experts at Osbourne Painting for the very best in Raleigh exterior painting.

Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

Once you make the decision to paint the exterior of your home, the next step is the fun part: Choosing colors!

When choosing colors, it’s important to keep location in mind. For example, bright blues and yellows might be perfect for a beachside home, but may look odd in the middle of a Raleigh suburb.

It’s also important to choose the “main” color first, the color of the siding, and then choose your accent color(s). There are classic colors that work with pretty much any style, like white, taupe, or gray, but if you are looking for the “wow” factor or for that much-sought after curb appeal, check out these trendy exterior paint colors for 2018:

Please note: Due to differences in monitor settings, the color swatches shown below may appear significantly different than what you’d see at your local paint store.


off white paint colorWhite houses are aplenty, so painting the exterior of your home with an off-white color such as ivory or cream will certainly make your home stand out. It also goes with almost any accent color. If you are going for the sophisticated look, pair an off-white siding with striking black shutters.


putty paint color“Putty” colors are warm, gray hues that seem to blend in with its surroundings. This is a fantastic exterior paint color if you want to give your home a natural look. It inspires a serene feeling, befitting of any place you would want to call home.

Blue Gray

blue gray paint colorIf you own a beachside or lakeside home, let a blue gray or deep blue color with white accents reinforce the soothing effects of living near water. This color will definitely attract buyers that long for that seaside appearance!

Pale Yellow

pale yellow paint colorPeople cannot help but feel happy upon seeing a house painted yellow! It’s bright, cheerful and inviting. Though bright yellows have that “wow” factor, experts say to tone down the color a bit, especially if you plan to sell your home. This will maximize the number of potential buyers.

Cypress Green

cypress green paint colorCypress Green is a shade between gray and green. It’s a neutral color that manages to be interesting and it’s also versatile. A Cypress Green exterior looks great with light or dark accents.

Sable Brown

sable brown paint colorIt’s earthy, it’s homey, it’s here to stay – a home with a sable brown exterior gives off a feeling of permanence. A solid color for a solid home! Sable Brown paired with blue or black shutters will add to the curb appeal.


peach paint colorA simple, warm peach color with deep red or brown accents is not only attention-grabbing, it evokes a warm, inviting feeling. You just know someone is baking a fresh peach pie inside that house!

Prairie Brown

prairie brown paint colorFor a modern, yet warm look, choose Prairie Brown for your exterior paint color. This light brown looks great when paired with dark brown accents.

Forest Green

forest green paint colorForest Green or any darker green color gives off that “back to nature” feeling. This is a great color to use if your house is in a wooded area. White or Ivory accents make this exterior paint color truly stand out.

Pale Blue

pale blue paint colorPale Blue is an exterior paint color that draws attention, but is still understated enough to appeal to a large number of buyers. It pairs well with dark, wooden accents as well as white.


red paint colorRed, whether bright or subdued, isn’t a color for every house. However, everyone also knows exactly where “the red house” is, right? Red is a bold choice and with it you will get the “wow” factor AND the curb appeal! Red houses look even more amazing with white or off-white accents.

Hire Osborne Painting for Your Raleigh Exterior Painting Needs

The experts at Osborne Painting paint the exterior of your home almost entirely with brushes, in order to force the paint into the surface and ensure that it is sealed completely. This means that the paint on your home will be more resilient and resistant to moisture. After we paint your home, we are sure to thoroughly clean up the area. If not for the stunning new paint on your home, you wouldn’t even know we were there!

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